The hotel apartment is filled with blue sea breath on the edge of Ha Long Bay


Choosing a luxury hotel, close to nature is becoming a trend of many tourists.

Ramada By Wyndham Ha Long Bay view – one of the first hotel apartment projects in Ha Long not only possesses high-class furniture, modern design but also bears the marine ecological atmosphere of the bay

Expensive vision, capturing Ha Long Bay in sight

One of the factors defining the class of a hotel apartment is the airy and harmonious view with nature. In the context of more and more buildings appearing, taking up space for visibility, the buildings, apartments with expensive views overlooking the sea, parks, … will be appreciated and attract more customers.

For hotel apartments used for the purpose of relaxation, the vision is even more focused. Understanding this, the investor of the Ramada By Wyndham Ha Long Bay view project has designed so that the apartments can have the most of the wide and open view, capturing Ha Long Bay, Cua Luc Bay … So right away In its own apartment, visitors can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the peaceful blue sea or the excitement of the vibrant city of Ha Long. With an expensive view, Ramada By Wyndham HaLong Bay View is the right apartment for travelers to enjoy a complete relaxing vacation.

Make a comfortable stay at home

Ramada By Wyndham Ha Long Bay view promises to be a favorite accommodation for travelers because the resort here always feels comfortable like in their own home. Thanks to the sophisticated and flexible design to take full advantage of the location as well as ensure the natural elements at every angle, all the apartments of the project are airy and harmonious with the nature. , the well-divided rooms have full functions such as living room, kitchen, 2 – 3 bedrooms with fully furnished to ensure private space for members, just have a common space to whole house. Ramada By Wyndham HaLong Bay View offers a wide range of choices for guests, especially for group or household travel, meeting all accommodation, resort or rental needs.

Ms. Linh (Hanoi) shared that the biggest problem of the whole family traveling is the problem of accommodation because if going to a big family of grandparents, parents and children, they must rent at least 2 separate hotel rooms. making living uncomfortable. Therefore, according to her, a reasonable and well-divided hotel apartment like a family apartment will be very helpful for families traveling large. Just gathered cozy but still have its own resting space, cost savings. That is also the reason why she and her husband decided to buy a 2-bedroom apartment at the Ramada By Wyndham Ha Long Bay View project to both serve the needs of the family resort and to exploit the business.

Ramada By Wyndham Ha Long Bay View has proven to be a sustainable profitable investment channel for investors in many Northern provinces and cities. Just pay 600 million upfront, customers have owned the fully furnished house, permanent red book, ready to put into operation in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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Information project hotline: 0944937222

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