0797400000 Company introduction

Company introduction

Hong Quan Investment and Development Joint Stock Company was established in 2012, providing professional real estate services including: Consulting, brokerage, valuation, real estate trading floor services …

Having a strong foundation and professional, loving, experienced, and working staff with a standard system, Hong Quan has grown rapidly. We have been cooperating in investment, marketing and successful distribution of real estate projects in Hanoi and Khanh Hoa in different segments such as: Houses – Apartments – Shopping centers – Resort real estate …

With the desire to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s real estate market, aiming for a real increase for customers through the highest quality services; Orienting development goals as a reliable partner and being prioritized for selection through professional services, Hong Quan will continuously strive to become the leading brand in Vietnam in the field of project development. providing the most prestigious distribution marketing, market research and brokerage services.

Hanoi office:
Address: P1006, Floor 10, Nhà B, Sport Hotel, 15 Lê Văn Thiêm, Nhân Hòa Ward, Thanh Xuân Dist. Hanoi.
Phone: 02432.005.227 Fax: 02432.005.227
Mobile 0944 937 222
Website: hongquanjsc.vn
Tax code: 0105935480
Email: info@hongquanjsc.com

Nha Trang Branch:
Address: Gate No. 3, Air Force Officer School, Biet Thu Street, Tan Lap Ward, Tp. Nha Trang
Tel: 0989 234 586
Tax code: 0105935480 – 001
Email: info@hongquanjsc.com

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