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Dịch vụ tiêu biểu của Hồng Quân JSC

Introduction about services of Hong Quan JSC

Hong Quan is one of the businesses established in 2012 to provide professional real estate services including: Consulting, brokerage, valuation, real estate trading floor services for the developing market. very fast of Hanoi: ensuring the continuous operation and efficient exploitation of high-class real estate types, which are buildings with different functions such as offices, commercial centers, housing area …

Bringing together skilled, experienced and working people with the system of standards, Hong Quan wishes to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam’s real estate market. What we always aim to do is to bring real added value to our customers through the highest quality services.

Hong Quan is proud to offer customers the following services:

  • Marketing,
    real estate exploitation

  • Consulting on project
    development investment

  • Building operation

  • Software production

The business lines

Real estate brokerage

Real Estate Consulting

Real estate trading floor

Real estate valuation

Programming, publishing software;

Interior and exterior works

Information service, real estate market marketing;

Providing services of buying and selling, renting houses, making transaction offices, shops;

Housing management and exploitation services;

Trading agricultural, forestry, aquatic and marine products for production and consumption;

Brokerage, trade promotion;

Service of exploiting, trading, managing and operating buildings for rent;

Service of exploiting, managing and operating new urban area;

Investment services for lease and sublease the building;

Market research and commercial transaction brokerage;

Consulting and real estate management (excluding legal advice);

Services export consignment;

Service maintenance, building maintenance and industrial cleaning

Sports and entertainment services (not including prohibited industries and professions)

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